At 21st Century Audio, we believe in helping support the musical vision of our artists

with the best technical tools, and the best ears in the business.


Peter Doell 

Renowned engineer Peter Doell’s experience spans a wide spectrum of musical genres, and includes an incredible variety of top artists, scoring hits for both indie and major label projects.

From Grammy-winning jazz, pop & rock albums, classical records, Oscar-nominated film scores and soundtracks, Emmy winning TV themes, video games, Super Bowl commercials and more… Peter has experience engineering, mastering, and creating music that reaches the heart, and moves the audience.


Count on Peter to consistently deliver the best mastering and musical recordings possible. After stints at Capitol Recording Studios, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Universal Mastering, Pete is currently available for top-quality mastering projects through AfterMaster Audio Labs, in Hollywood, California.


Also, be sure to catch Pete as the Host/Producer of the IPTV series “Inside the Star Chamber”, where he takes us backstage with the people, personalities and celebrities of the music industry, inviting them to share their stories, passions and new releases.